How do you stand out as a beginner in a crowded market? My solution is to superniche – to choose a small area you can really excel in and focus entirely on that. If the area you choose is one you are excited about and have some expertise in you go from being a generalist beginner to an instant expert.

Sometimes your narrow focus also becomes a PR story in itself, just like ToDryFor. ToDryFor is an online boutique that says they have been ‘transforming the humble tea towel into absorbent artwork since 2008’. A family run business, they sell specially illustrated tea towels (yes, that’s right, tea towels) from numerous different designers. They offer a myriad of different styles including vintage, comic, and even pop-art style. You can browse by theme, material, and tea towel artist

ToDryFor selection

Sally and David, the founders of ToDryFor, never imagined that their business would attract so much attention so quickly. They started small but, within six months, they’d been featured in Etcetera magazine and were soon selling their bespoke design tea towels in Urban Outfitters and Debenhams, as well as in bulk to Jamie Oliver and Pieminister restaurants.

ToDryFor foundersSally and David decided to focus on a very specific product and do it better than anyone else. They created a reputation for themselves as being the best in the business at one particular thing, and reaped the rewards.

Don’t imagine though that if you choose a narrow niche you are condemned to inhabit it forever. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You can establish yourself much faster in a niche and then you can expand.

Nowadays, ToDryFor sell a range of other products including mugs, cards, and cushions. The guys at To Dry For show just how much potential there is in finding a unique product or service and running with it.

What’s your superniche?

Beware the workerbot thinking that says that you can’t afford to be turning away a single customer. This is wrong. You’ll get more customers/fans/clients if you choose a good superniche. People would rather use a service or product that is expertly tailored than one that is a poor fit.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of your superniche off the top of your head. Keep playing out your idea and see what emerges: what area do you find most exciting? What do you have some real ability for? What do people seem to show a lot of interest in whenever you mention it?


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