WorkerbotAround the world, millions of people are leaving the 9-5 and finding ways to make a living doing something they really care about. That’s because it’s never been easier to launch your own services, products, books, businesses, events, brands and innovations.

And yet many millions more would love to do the same but are stuck – they can’t find the right idea to choose, they can’t see how to get started, or can’t see how to make money.

But what’s really going on here? Why do some people find a way around these common obstacles and some don’t?

What I have learned over the last ten years of helping people launch their own money-making ideas is that the ones that launch businesses, go freelance, set up online shops, write books, and quit their jobs, have learned to think differently.

The real problem is that you were trained by the education system to be a workerbot.

A workerbot is my term for someone who knows how to do good work but still believes outdated myths about careers, business, creativity and success – myths that prevent you creating success outside the 9-5.

Are you letting out of date workerbot thinking hold you back?

Let’s find out. How many of these workerbot beliefs do you still hold on to? Read each of the beliefs below and count how many you still hold to be true:

‘I need to write a business plan to start doing something of my own’
‘I need to quit my job before starting anything’
‘It’s important to have a plan for the next 5 years before I start’
‘I should research my business idea online and discard the idea if I find any potential obstacles’
‘If something has a lot of competition there is no point getting into it’
‘I can’t start anything until I have a lot of spare time available’
‘Jobs are the safest option; 8 out of 10 businesses fail’
‘I need to find my passion before I start’
‘I don’t have enough money to start anything’
‘I will look a fool if I put myself out there and it goes wrong’
‘I should keep my idea secret or someone will steal it’
‘I will need a brilliant website and a lot of traffic in order succeed’
‘I need to get my perfect logo and business cards designed before I speak to anyone’

Time for an upgrade!

If you answered yes to even one of the above workerbot beliefs, it’s time for a software upgrade. Workerbot thinking is a hangover from the 20th Century. It’s out of date. Mega-successful global organisations like Facebook, Google, and Toyota operate in a completely different way to the old rules of business.

To discover the new approach that makes it quick and easy to start amazing projects in your spare time that turn into successful businesses, genre-defining creative projects and global movements, download this free chapter of my new book Screw Work Break Free here.