(c) Hugh MacLeodHad enough of Work?

Yes that’s ‘Work’ with a capital W – that tired old construct of something you just have to endure in order to pay the rent. It’s a 20th Century idea we really should have left behind (or, even better, set fire to) at the end of the last millennium.

In this day and age, there really isn’t any reason to waste your life on something that has no meaning to you.

Even if you have a pretty good career sometimes it’s just not enough. Not exciting enough, not varied enough, not enough self-expression, not enough real contribution to the world. Perhaps even not enough money because you envision something far bigger for yourself.

Well this is your moment. You are lucky enough to be here now in the Idea Age. Today, an idea can change the world, an idea can make you famous and an idea can make you a millionaire or even billionaire.

Amazing things are possible for ordinary individuals that would have been impractical or impossible even 5 years ago.

It’s no wonder that people are leaving the conventional world of the work and the 9-5 in droves and making their own way. Just like many other countries, self-employment and entrepreneurship in the UK is now higher than at any point over the past 40 years and in 2015, 7,700 people in the UK became self-employed every week. The total number of entrepreneurs in the world is on track to rise from the current 400 million to reach a billion by 2020.

So why is this movement happening now? Throughout history people all over the world have had good ideas – for services, products, books, businesses, events, brands and innovations. But within just the last few years, something has happened that has changed the world forever.

The difference is that now it’s easy to make those ideas happen – and to make real money out of them as well. The World Wide Web is only a little over 9,000 days old and yet it has already changed our lives irrevocably. We live in a world today where you can publish your own book, sell your own music or create your own online shop in an hour or two. You have access to incredibly powerful tools to create whatever you want and to reach a global market. And you can start it on the side in just 30 days, without quitting your job and with near-zero investment.

You don’t need to wait for anyone’s permission anymore. You don’t need to win a book deal to publish your book. You don’t need to sign a record deal to publish your music. You don’t need to convince a bank to invest in you to try out a business idea. You don’t need to give a big cheque to an advertising agency to spread the word. This is a revolutionary shift of power to the individual.

How can you squander even one more day sitting on the sidelines of the biggest opportunity in history?

Life is too short for boring work.
Screw Work.
Break Free.
Create what only you can create.
Pass it on.

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